Welcome to Letters to Biddy.

This blog is a weekly reflection.

It takes the form of a letter to Biddy Early. Biddy was a 19th century healer and provocateur in Ennis, County Clare, Ireland.

I was kindly introduced to Biddy by Jane O’Brien while I was walking around Ennis.  I was visiting Ennis for a couple of days after an indulgent and exquisite week on tour with poet David Whyte based in Ballyvaughan.

I went to Ennis to wander around nearby countryside and to allow my pores and spirit to be open to my Irish heritage. County Clare was home to some of my ancestors and the Celts are in my DNA.

In 2013 I wrote a weekly letter to Hildegard of Bingen. In 2014 my weekly letter is to Biddy Early.

Ballyvaughan Beginning

Ballyvaughan Beginning

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