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Dear Biddy,

I’ve notice a lot of ticking off life’s actions as if they are items on a business agenda – the bucket list phenomena is being the worst offender for me. Savouring the moment, in the moment and enjoying anticipation, holding on to the present, not just ticking it off a list seems to be in short supply around me. Moving from one agenda item to the next with every minute scheduled leaves little room to relish simplicity and revelling in the moment.

As an event during The Changemakers Festival this week, I was part of a little community engagement pop up action this week asking passers by to tell us how they are being the change they want in the world. Those who stopped by were thoughtful and challenged by the question – how are you being the change you want to be in the world. Overwhelmingly people told us the simple things – being kind, smiling, looking after their family, being a friend. These are not items to be ticked off on a list: there I’ve smiled today (tick) changed the world today (tick) – they are ongoing consistently applied actions – they are a practice – they endure and have to happen over and over again. In fact, they can’t be done just once and ticked off so you can move on. The people who stopped by reflected thoughtfully and carefully. They were challenged by the question and showed their pride and commitment by being willing to put their name to their comments and most took a further step by having their photo taken with it as well.

My guess is Biddy you were the change you wanted to see in the world. Your offerings of a listening ear, healing and hope would have sent many a traveller on in better shape than they arrived.

Those who passed by our chalkboard and took the time to stop by, all left brighter with a spring in their step – affirmed for their individual giftedness and being part of something bigger than themselves – and what could be better than changing the world by being that change!


Jan  - Be the Change #!

Jan – Be the Change #!